PsychoNeuroAcupuncture Institute Profile (PNA)

Juan Pablo Molto, founder of the Psiconeuroacupuntura, with over 20 years experience as an acupuncturist. Devoted in recent years to research and development  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture  Institute. With many scientific publications, both items such as books.
The  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture  is a novel therapeutic approach based on scientific evidence that integrates neuroscience, and psychotherapy read more

PsychoNeuroAcupuncture Department:
· Development of research in this area, joining different schools and formalizing cooperation agreements in this regard.
Department of Immunology and Scientific Acupuncture:
· Coordination with the GIEMI group. (Research Group on Molecular and Immunologic Diseases) in the study of the relationship between acupuncture and Immunology.
Department of Psychiatry and PsychoNeuroAcupuncture :
· Development of read more
· Fundamentals of  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture . Editorial PNA. Alcoy 2015
· Immunology and  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture . Editorial PNA. Alcoy 2015
· Meridians and morphogenetic fields. Editorial PNA. Alcoy 2015
· What is the  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture ?. Editorial PNA. Alcoy 2014
· Psychiatric Puntología Guide. Editorial PNA. Alcoy 2014
· How to read more
· Professor at the Institute of  PsychoNeuroAcupuncture  Juan Pablo Moltó. (Spain). The institute provides training in many national and international centers. Our offices and international agreements are part of the quality of facilities and seriousness of both universities, college and private. Adapting to the current regulations of each country.
Clinical work:
Coordination of the clinical team PNA and Chinese medicine in ECOX (Alcoy) Clinic and the Institute itself in San Vicente (Alicante).
Over recent years, many efforts being made to establish links between TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and western different health sciences. An encounter between two different paradigms, however, are proving to be able to act together in order to benefit our patients.
The PsychoNeuroAcupuncture combines neuroscience and    read more 

The Acuanalyser is a system of statistical analysis of patterns (syndromes) described in Chinese medicine. The need for this project is twofold:
On the one hand provide a tool for professional scientific acupuncture to assessments patterns. A tool to facilitate and ensure proper evaluation, conducted by the most sophisticated computer systems, to evaluate all the patterns in real time and provide the doctor a detailed analysis of statistically significant patterns. Not only that, but also the system will suggest to the professional are the most indicated, as are the recommended herbal points.
Second, create an international instrument of research with the aim of developing a research project together with professionals and universities, so we create databases with thousands of analysis. In this way we will make the research teams to analyze and draw conclusions that endorse acupuncture.
Webinars: some interesting scientific acupuncture courses
Short courses:
· Orthomolecular nutrition for Shen (8 hours)
· Communication in the therapeutic field (8 hours)
· Facial Morfodiagnostic (9 hours)
· Psychiatric Points (9 hours) Available Online
· Dream interpretation through Psiconeuroacupuntura (5 hours)


Medium lenght courses:

· Integrative therapy back (70 hours)
· Iridology course (40 hours)
· Face integrative therapy (40 hours)
· Acupuncture Aesthetics (16 hours)
· Trilogy of pain (18 hours)
· San Jiao PsychoNeuroAcupuncture Therapy and Psychosomatics (16 hours)
· PsychoNeuroAcupuncture applied immunology (27 hours)
· PsychoNeuroAcupuncture and Oncology (16 hours)
· PsychoNeuroAcupuncture Basic (18 hours) Available Online
Degrees and 
· Traditional Chinese Medicine. Available Online
Masters and experts
· PsychoNeuroAcupuncture (450 hours)